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RSA and AES Cryptography

        If you are going to use RSA encryption in Android client devices, then the easiest way is to use a ready-made set of JAVA classes for key generation, encryption, decryption, key storage, key recovery, code transformations and obfuscation.
        This is convenient because you can get a ready-made open source Java code (Java classes) with comments, examples and manuals. And with technical consulting - this is freelance programming.
        JAVA Class
        I provide a set of Java classes for using asymmetric strong RSA encryption in Android projects of Android Studio.
        Java classes contain 100% open source which you can control and upgrade.
        Java classes can be used to encrypt data before writing it to a database, to transfer it to a web server or a corporate server with a database (for example, clients or cargo shipments), or to run a messenger or mail.
        Java classes contain methods for converting encrypted data into different formats, for example, for writing to an Excel spreadsheet.
        For Example
        // ============================================================
        // Generate key pair for 1024 or 2048 -bit RSA encryption and decryption
        // ============================================================
        RSACode rsagente = new RSACode(); // Class instance RSACode
        Key[] KeyPMass = new Key[2]; //An array of two keys to return values from a method
        KeyPMass = rsagente.RSAKeyGen(); //GENERATE Key Pair
        publicKey = KeyPMass[0];
        privateKey = KeyPMass[1];
        // ============================================================
        JAVA Class Method
        // Encrypt Text
        public byte[] RSATextEncode(Key publicKey, Key privateKey, String PlainText) {
        byte[] encodedBytes = null; //RSA
        try {
        Cipher c = Cipher.getInstance("RSA");
        c.init(Cipher.ENCRYPT_MODE, privateKey);
        encodedBytes = c.doFinal(PlainText.getBytes());
        } catch (Exception e) {
        Log.e("Crypto", "RSA encryption error");
        return encodedBytes; //Return coded Text (bytes array)
        For encryption, the cryptographic provider of the Android operating system is used.
        This Java class provides a very strong commercial level of encryption. It can be significantly increased if additional
obfuscation of data and encryption keys is used. You can reach military levels of cryptography.

Android Java Freelance

        Ready free Android JAVA applications projects (Open Source). All applications are ready for compilation, contain a lot of comments, tested on a smartphone.
        This is a great starter JAVA template for your application project. You will save up to a month of working time.
        All application projects were created in Android Studio and debugged on a USB-connected Samsung M21 smartphone
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        Now two new projects are being written - a classic DVR for a car (with data recording from GPS) and a tracker with sending coordinates via SMS.
        JAVA Programmer
          JAVA Programmer
        A very interesting topic for a startup is an aircraft-type UAV made of polyurethane foam (the cheapest possible) with an autopilot in an Android smartphone. Part of the LDAVA code for working with sensors and GPS has been written. Let's try to write a project for working with USB devices - USB hub, range finder and actuators.

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